May 19, 2018


Now, Saunaka wanted to hear the stories of Lord Hari Himself…

So, Sage Suta continued:

When the Mahabharata war ended, the warriors of the Kauravas and Pandavas had fallen like heroes and wooed “Veera Mrithyu”. Duryodhana suffered a massive blow by Bheema on his thigh and it was broken. He laid down awaiting death, Aswathama could not bear that sight. So, he severed the heads of Droupadi’s sons, while they were asleep with an intention of pleasing Duryodhana. But such a shameful and horrible act was really most distasteful to him.

The terrible slaughter of her sons was unbearable for Draupadi and she cried bitterly, nobody could pacify her. Arjuna, was equally grief stricken, but he was more angry and decided to take revenge on Aswathama. Arjuna put on his armour and taking his “Gandeevam” set off in his chariot with Krishna.

Note - Aswathama expected that Duryodhana would appreciate him for killing his enemy's sons. But Duryodhana was a courageous warrier who fought directly in the battlefield, he could not approve slaughtering

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